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Website Creation & Development

Our website creation and development services are laser focus on deliver value for your business. Your website is the end-goal of your marketing efforts, therefore it is needed to be a fine-tuned customer-catching machine.

We apply the latest technology (e.g. Schema Tags -voice command searches-, SEO Structure, Meta Tags, etc.) to keep up with today's tech demands. All formats are included in our websites: Desktop, mobile, iPad & Minipad.  

Our websites have a wide range of options for your specific needs: Online ordering, eCommerce, encrypted documents download options, etc.

Relevant Content & Cosmetic Design

We put as much effort in the technology as a relevant content and cosmetic looks on your online representation. One as equally important as the other.

Relevant information and cosmetics on your website makes the magic happen: keep searchers on your site longer.

Our websites are both functional and visually impressive. We have a broad experience in designing websites that are findable, effective, enjoyable, intuitive, and specific to your audience.

Hosting & Security

We work exclusively with the Wix platform, one of the most highly ranked web hosting companies nowadays. 

Wix make your website secured. 

SSL Certificate (1)

Gain your visitors’ trust by having SSL(1) web security to keep connections secure and private over an HTTPS(2) connection.

Website Security Monitoring

Wix's team monitors their websites 24/7 for any suspicious activity and continually conducts software security reviews.

Wix is a centralized SaaS(3) solution and website platform. This means that all security updates are automatically applied to your site,

1 Secured Sockets Layer

2 Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

3 Software as a service.

Digital Marketing

Nowadays, a world without the internet is unimaginable. This drastic transition has also changed the way we all promote our products and services. Like most things, marketing has come to revolve around the web - with website creation, social media and online ads largely taking the place of billboards, cold calls and print ads. An integrated and creative digital marketing strategy is basic to the online success of your business.


At Coronado Marketing NYC we are problem solvers, data experts, technologists, marketers, growth generators and content makers that take a data-driven approach to create a marketing strategy that generates engagement and connections to your business. We help you to understand and achieve success on your S.E.O. & S.E.M. programs to promote your offers, specials and promos. 

But our most precious commodity has been (and always will be):
Our Customers
we provide to them.

Shaking Hands

Customer Service

Through support and customer education, we are well-equipped to offer assistance and responsive solutions. We work with you to chart your goals and create a roadmap for continued growth of your website after launch.

We at Coronado Marketing support your digital experience every step of the way.

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